A unique taste that honors our family legacy

The Family Tequila

When Don Jose Luna made the journey to Mexico’s Los Altos de Jalisco, known as “The Highlands” back in 1975, he knew that the red soil of the area’s Arandas region produced some of the sweetest agave in the world. He’d visit the family-owned tequileras, where he made many friends due to his humble and charismatic personality. He developed a taste for the finest in pure blue agave tequila. Eventually, these friends in Arandas would call him whenever they had a “good quality” batch that was not going to be sold as a label, and Don Jose would acquire this tequila in jugs, moonshine style.

This same tradition was passed down to his sons, primarily, Tio Jose, and continued with the Luna family for years.

Around 2003, these samples of pure tequila were introduced to the next generation in San Diego and was then shared with close friends. As time went on, the group of friends would ask for more of what they called “the family tequila.” The formulas and recipes were always changing, as the Tios would get samples of pure, quality tequila before it was labeled. And so the demand grew, as they became accustomed to the “good stuff.

In 2014, during a conversation about our family tequila with our friend Phil, the idea came up to ask the tequilera to create a specific formula just for us. They were in search of the finest tequila they could get in Arandas. The journey was underway!

Several trips to Arandas, and many days spent tasting, developing and adjusting our formula with close friends, and we found a unique taste that honors our family legacy − CaliFino was born.